Spaced Out: how the university’s new space-booking policy further marginalizes campus community groups

November 8, 2010; Maria Cichosz:

To ask who a university is for seems redundant. After all, are universities not built to facilitate the learning needs of students? No university could exist without a diverse and vibrant student community. However, given U of T’s actions in the process of implementing this plan, it seems the university is being organized around the needs of administrators and bureaucrats. The parties most affected by the new space booking policy are student groups, clubs, and organizations. The university did not consult or even notify students that a new policy was being drafted, voted on, or implemented. Furthermore, when a number of students from various campus groups organized a rally in front of Simcoe Hall and demanded that their needs be considered in the implementation of this policy, they were initially denied entry into the Governing Council meeting. These actions demonstrate that the unanimous disapproval of over 150 recognized student groups and unions is irrelevant to the Governing Council. The convenience of this policy to administrators, who are now better equipped to stifle “radical” student events, also seems to be of paramount importance.

Full article at The Varsity.


About utgeneralassembly

a group of concerned students wondering about governance at the university of toronto
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