U of T Ditches SLLUT, but Doesn’t Plan for Better Planning

November 15, 2010; Suzannah Showler:

While the spared centres and programs are breathing easier, many are worried about letting their guard down: the woeful lack of consultation and transparency in the early rollout of the Academic Plan has, for them, highlighted a systematic problem in the way the University of Toronto is run. Some are accusing the dean’s office of trying to save face by reimagining both the plan’s content and the process by which it was created only with the rise of criticism.

“The Academic Plan was never up for discussion, and it did not—as the Dean would have it—morph into a modified version through collegial collaboration,” says Ryan Culpepper, a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature who was elected to the Faculty of Arts and Science council this fall. “The plan is now dead for one reason only: students, staff, and faculty killed it through concerted and unified opposition.” Culpepper, like many, wants assurance that such an incident will not be repeated. “Dean Gertler now has substantial work to do restoring trust and collegiality. To this end, an important step will be the Dean’s admission that the planning exercise he oversaw was a catastrophe.”

Full article at the Torontoist.


About utgeneralassembly

a group of concerned students wondering about governance at the university of toronto
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