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April 10, 2008; Alex Kazia, Naushad Ali Husein and Jade Colbert:

“What scholars do is they test the limits of their understanding. With theories, you can never prove a theory, you can only disprove it or discuss what range it covers, and so on. What one can do is to test the limits of our understanding, and in doing that, one creates new paradigms of understanding.”

Unlike academics, powerful people have an interest in maintaining the status quo, to not be supplanted by up-and-comers. The revolutionary quality of true innovation, therefore, poses a serious threat to industry and government alike.

So how did we get to the present state of things? “First of all, you cut back the funding for scholarly work until it’s a pittance,” he says. “And then offer to reinstate the funding, but only under special conditions.”

Full article at The Varsity.


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a group of concerned students wondering about governance at the university of toronto
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