First General Assembly Callout: ALL OUT JAN 19

What: first UT General Assembly
When: January 19th, 5-8 pm
Where: Main Activity Hall, Multifaith Centre (569 Spadina Ave)

High tuition fees. No job security. Large class sizes. No time to talk to your professors / TAs / students. This is the University of Toronto that we know. This is not the University that we want.

Feel like you can’t change any of this? Where is this feeling of disempowerment coming from? Try this scenario: despite it being OUR university, OUR work and learning space, the governing bodies at this institution do not seem to have our best interests in mind. In the past year alone, student, staff and faculty needs have been undermined by the Faculty of Arts & Science Academic Plan, restrictions to campus space use, unwanted changes to graduate funding packages, and the continued implementation of flat fees (higher tuition fees…less job security…larger class sizes…less time). Even better: when we speak up against these decisions, we are shut out of meetings, policed and silenced.

But we can’t give up – this is OUR university. We came to U of T to reach our potential; not to be reduced to a number. We came here to learn, and maybe even to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Let’s start by making our University into somewhere that we want to be (and we’re not alone. See: students in the UK. California. France. Greece.) Over the past two months, students and other campus community members have been meeting to organize the first UT General Assembly – join us at the UTGA to turn our disillusionment into action, and to take back our University.

WHEN: January 19th, 5-8 pm
WHERE: Main Activity Hall (2nd floor), Multifaith Centre, University of Toronto
(569 Spadina Ave)

1)Go to Spadina Subway Station on the Bloor-Danforth Line
2)Catch the streetcar from inside Spadina Station
3)Exit at Willcocks Street and exit onto the east side of Spadina

The Multifaith Centre has a powered accessible main entrance on its east side. All floors are accessible via elevator. Accessible washrooms are located on the first and second floor.

For map/picture information, please visit:

ASL Interpretation and Childcare will be available for this event.
A free dinner will also be served.


About utgeneralassembly

a group of concerned students wondering about governance at the university of toronto
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