About Us


High tuition fees. No job security. Large class sizes.

No time to talk to your professors/TAs/students. Poor wages.

This is the University of Toronto that we know.

This is NOT the University of Toronto that we want.

The University of Toronto General Assembly (UTGA) strives to create the university that ‘ought to be’. It is a collective response to the administration’s history of undemocratic and unfair decisions. We reject the ideas that students are Basic Income Units, that workers should lack job security, that corporations should have a say in education and research, and that the community does not have a place in the University.

We aim to replace Governing Council with a genuinely democratic decision-making body – a body made up of the entire university community

where each person has a voice and a vote.

We’re all in this together. We must realize now that all of us – students, faculty, workers, and our neighbours at all scales – hold legitimate claim to this institution. The time is ripe for solidarity, for mobilizing, for organizing.

Join the movement! The UTGA has working groups on labour, anti-corporatization, tuition fees, university governance, and more.

Whose University? Our University!


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