Solidarity and Analysis

Please send messages of solidarity to our email address: utgeneralassembly @ gmail dot com or comment here.

A Message from Puerto Rico – “Lets begin a global student’s network (University of Puerto Rico)”

Hi, my name is Alvin B. Rodríguez-Lynch from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Law. As I write, fellow graduate and undergraduate students are being arrested for civil disobedience at my campus’ gates. This is part of a series of civil disobedience acts that began today, when we approach nearly a year of struggle against a government that pretends to leave thousands of Puerto Ricans without access to higher education. The details are long to be written in a single email, but the most important thing is that we can learn from each other’s experiences.

Over here, I co-founded a low-power AM radio station during our first student strike in April 2010 and it has proven to be an effective information source and student tool as we also stream on The name we gave the station is Radio Huelga or as translated to English, Strike-Radio. I would like to take a step further into this struggle that is having the effect of our future being arrested as up to now, more than 60 students have been unjustly arrested for exercising their freedom of speech right.

My proposal is to begin a network of information flow between both of our movements and Universities with the purpose of establishing contact with other student struggles around the world so that hopefully we could create a Global Network of Student Affairs. If we prove successful in this task, we can celebrate a Global Student Assembly where we can discuss the needs and get informed of the struggles of students around the World. It sounds big as many other things in the past may have sound to our ancestors, but it is never unworthy to give a try to changing the future for good.

I hope this idea gets your attention and I’m looking forward to get in contact with someone who can begin forging this concept with me. Please contact me by this email. Wishing the best of luck with your General Assembly and 100% in solidarity,

Alvin B. Rodríguez-Lynch
2nd Year Law Student
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Formal declarations of solidarity from the general assembly will also be posted as we continues to meet. In the meantime we would like to express our utmost support for students and workers currently mobilizing against repressive governments and tuition demands in Tunisia and Puerto Rico, as well as student and worker movements around the world.

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