University Life

This working group was struck at the first University of Toronto General Assembly.

Minutes from 01/19/11 break-out session (pdf file).

Report-back to the first general assembly from break-out session:

Member: We talked about initiatives around campus that are under-resourced. Main goals: to pressure the university to recognize facilities like Hart House, Athletic Centre, and student life. Put more resources into funding initiatives like orientation, clubs, and individual students’ endeavours. Create more resources into the office of space management so that we can all book space on campus.

Member: Our group was very cooperative. We agreed that there is a lot of tension between colleges, their executives, UTSU, and the administration. We pushed for more lines of communication, because this tension can probably be fixed. Hart House’s burden is huge; it’s all our tuition going toward it. A lot of groups that make the university look great, e.g. debates, and it’s a shame that students have to pay for that.

This working group was temporarily dissolved at the second general assembly for lack of members. Future assembly participants are welcomed to revive the working group should the need arise.


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