This working group was struck at the first University of Toronto General Assembly.

Minutes from break out session (pdf file).

Report-back to the general assembly from break-out session:

Member: What we understood is that the biggest reason why an equity body needs to exist is because the idea of a working-class _____. We don’t have an idea of what it means to be diverse. It’s fucked up how our university has become a site of production to plug people into exploited labour, and we don’t know how to talk about that.

Member: At U of T there are only three offices, so three members of a university of 90,000. It’s a funding issue, so something should be done about that. We should address inequity.

Member: We discussed why an equity body needs to exist when equity are part of all these other groups’ issues. Societies and institutions shouldn’t have to have a body specifically dedicated to equity, because equity is implicated in everything. Equity gets pushed out of everything.
Plugging it back into everything else is important.

Member: We want to work more from an anti-oppressive framework than a diversity politics one. That issue is important for all working groups.

Minutes and approved motions from the second general assembly will be added within the week (before 03/08/11).


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