Governance and Accountability

This working group was struck at the first University of Toronto General Assembly.

Minutes from 01/19/11 break-out session (pdf file).

Report-back to the first general assembly from break-out session:

Member: We had a good discussion around accountability and transparency within the university. Action items included creating three sub-groups within the General Assembly: one for amending the U of T Act, which sets out the Governing Council structure; a second to be created immediately, to start monitoring the Governing Council and the senior administration’s decision, so that information can be disseminated to the community; the third is a mentoring group, to serve as support for those who sit on the councils, to provide guidance to people interested in running, and to ensure that those who sit on the councils have an alternative view, not what’s just being said at the body itself. We also talked about the university’s decisions in general, and specifically G20 campus closure, and holding them to account for their decision. It’s not just enough to talk about it; we have to hold them to task..

The Academic Planning working group was merged into this working group at the second general assembly. Minutes and approved motions will be added within the week (before 03/08/11).


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