International Solidarity

This working group was struck at the first University of Toronto General Assembly.

Minutes from break-out session (pdf file).

Report-back to the general assembly from break-out session:

Member: We still need to work out exact details, mechanisms, rules, etc. The basic conclusion was to create a resourceful office of international solidarity, an organization or body that can develop campaigns and institutional partnerships on issues like IT, Pakistan, Palestine-Israel. The office would be responsible for building partnerships with other university movements, like what’s happening in England now. We could build partnerships with leaders in those movements. Another idea is holding the University of Toronto and the Canadian government responsible to justice in their policies that affect other nations. Also to support programs focussing on regions of the world, like Near Eastern Studies, East Asian Studies, etc. So, to create an office or space within the most applicable part of the university, and have it as a place where these campaigns can be housed and find resources to take action.

Minutes and approved motions from the second general assembly will be added within the week (before 03/08/11).


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